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Stay ahead in NSW real estate: Updates & training tips

10 min read · 14th, February, 2024
Arthur Chrisimos, Trainer and Auctioneer for RETSNSW

Arthur Chrisimos

Trainer / Real Estate Auctioneer

NSW Government Reminders

The NSW Government has set rules and regulations for property and real estate license holders. Here are some key points to remember:



Licensees in Charge – Are your agents qualified?

Make sure your assistant agents are qualified by March 2024. Check their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) status and guide them towards a class 2 license within four years of starting their certificate of registration.

Those who got a four-year extension in March 2020 as part of property reforms must complete their Certificate IV qualification and get a class 2 license by 22nd March 2024.

What if they haven’t enrolled for a Certificate IV?

Not a problem! RETSNSW is a Registered Training Organisation that offers top-notch training to ensure your team gets that class 2 license on time. Check out our Certificate IV course offers.


Elevate your skills with RETSNSW CPD courses

New CPD rules are in place! This CPD year runs from 23rd March 2023 to 24th March 2024.

If you are a Licensee in Charge, a licensed agent, or an assistant agent that needs to renew their CPD, then look no further. RETSNSW offers tailored courses to elevate your professional game.

Check out all available CPD courses and bundles below.


Building orders unveiled: What buyers need to know!

Agents need to inform potential land and property buyers about any active orders under the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act 2020.

These orders include prohibition orders, stop work orders, and building work rectification orders issued by the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner.

For more information and for a list of all current orders, visit the Register of building work orders page on the Fair Trading NSW website.

Services we offer

Whether it’s a pre-made course for immediate consumption, or a customised solution for your organisation’s business needs, we can provide qualifications, CPD, corporate and specialised workshop offerings for you or your agency. We also provide compliance and audit preparation, leadership and mentorship consultation.

What we offer

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