Property agents and managers in NSW are being advised to choose reliable and officially recognised training organisations (RTOs) for their professional development and licensing.

Failure to do so could put their qualifications at risk. Choosing a reliable service like RETSNSW is crucial to safeguard qualifications and ensure compliance.

The approval of agent licenses, covering areas like real estate and strata management, might face issues following an upcoming audit by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) on training organisations.

This nationwide investigation aims to crack down on poor-quality enrolment, training, and assessment practices that might affect graduates. Those found lacking could be deregistered.

The investigation also aims to uncover whether training organisations are misleading graduates by falsely suggesting that their qualifications can fast-track obtaining a NSW Fair Trading agent license.

Natasha Mann, the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner, and John Minns, the NSW Strata and Property Services Commissioner, alongside other industry leaders, acknowledge concerns about the quality of education leading up to this audit.

We will be watching the results of the ASQA audit very closely. These organisations have an obligation to provide high quality education to students.
— Natasha Mann, NSW Fair Trading Commissioner

People in NSW heavily rely on skilled agents for property services like sales management, business brokering, and strata services.

NSW Fair Trading remains dedicated to collaborating with experts and agencies to uphold consumer protection and elevate industry standards. RETSNSW, as a trusted training services, shares this dedication and prioritises the delivery of top-tier education.

For detailed information regarding licensing requirements and trustworthy training organisations like RETSNSW, visit the Fair Trading website.

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