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Residential Real Estate Salespeople

Stay on track with your agent responsibilities by reviewing legislative changes, contract obligations and cybersecurity issues in real estate.

CPD – Residential Real Estate Salespeople

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Topic 1: Review of Legislative Changes

Changes in law that affect residential salespeople.

Topic 2: Supervision Guidelines and Rules of Conduct

Licensees-in-Charge (LICs) need to be aware of new mechanisms to ensure staff has relevant CPD and qualifications training, and a refresher on rules of conduct for all agents.

Topic 3: Privacy and Data Collection, Proof of Identification, and Cybersecurity and Fraud

To keep up with the rapid changes in data protection and hacking technologies, agents need to know about new obligations and new measures in place.

Topic 4: Contracts for Sale, Terms & Conditions & Responsibilities of Agents

Taking you through the key changes to the 2022 edition of the sales contract and supporting documents including deposit requirements, and negotiating offers with the buyer and vendor.

Topic 5: Price Disclosures, Representations and Underquoting

Setting, managing, advertising and updating the estimated selling price, auction price guides, underquoting and legislative matters for business sales agreements.

  • law Recent legislative changes
  • Code of Conduct Code of conduct
  • Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
  • Contract of sale Contracts and agent responsibilities
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