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Commercial Property

From legislation to cybersecurity, learn new techniques for conducting a safe and professional practice. 

CPD – Commercial Property

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Topic 1: Review of Legislative Changes

Changes in law that affect agents working in commercial property.

Topic 2: Supervision Guidelines and Rules of Conduct

Licensees-in-Charge (LICs) need to be aware of new mechanisms to ensure staff has relevant CPD and qualifications training, and a refresher on rules of conduct for all agents.

Topic 3: Privacy and Data Collection, Proof of Identification, and Cybersecurity and Fraud

To keep up with the rapid changes in data protection and hacking technologies, agents need to know about new obligations and new measures in place.

Topic 4: Contracts for Sale, Terms, Conditions and Responsibilities of Agents

An update on the legislative matters for commercial agreements, heads of agreement, tax issues, agency agreements, prescribed terms and environmental disclosure obligations when selling commercial property.

Topic 5: Price Disclosures, Representations and Underquoting

A review to keep you up to date with price approaches, representations and marketing in commercial sales pricing.

  • law Recent legal changes
  • Cybersecurity Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Contract of sale Contracts for sale
  • real estate talk Representations and underquoting

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